I Remember


    O’ Malibu, O’ Malibu, I remember years before

    The laws and local politics

    Came knocking at our door.

    When life was peaceful and sublime,

    And politicians weren’t around,

    To display their ego – and justify –

    Ideas far from sound

    And now we have the Wetlands thing,

    And Restrictions everywhere.

    Home Business License and new Tax

    And Controls, few sane would dare.

    The Goby Habitat is due –

    And dire Restrictions where to build.

    If the slope is fifteen plus degrees,

    You can’t afford the fill.

    Inspectors hide on quiet days

    Along our private streets;

    Listening for the slightest sounds

    From illegal home-alteration freaks.

    Neighbors now are at great odds

    On who should build on hills.

    And even the colors that you paint

    Are Controlled for window sills.

    There are now environmental reviews

    And Wetland Delineation –

    Land Use subcommittees

    And Task Force denigrations.

    O’ how I long for years gone by

    Before the politicians came;

    And all the controls, and God what knows.

    O’ please don’t use my name!

    Phineas P. Fogbottom