Cancel potty


Did you realize that if your neighbor decides to rent a toxic, hazardous, carcinogenic chemical toilet and plop it down permanently right next to your property, forcing you and your family to breathe its toxic fumes, the City of Malibu will do nothing to help you? If it can happen to my family, it can happen to you.

Currently, there is such a toilet very near our house on Point Dume. This toilet is apparently intended by my neighbor to be a permanent fixture on his property. Unfortunately, the toilet is nowhere near his house, but the hazardous chemical vapors out-gassing from it infiltrate my living space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every Friday morning a truck refills it with more poison.

According to Malibu’s applicable zoning laws, my neighbor (and yours as well) is not permitted to have such a toilet, certainly not on a permanent basis. However, when we brought it to the attention of the City of Malibu Code Enforcement department (who were hired to protect you and me from just such an outrage) they told us they were not going to do anything to help us. What kind of precedent are they setting here?

When I bought my house, the possibility of this potential hazard was not disclosed to me. It is not just a nuisance; it is seriously affecting my family’s health and impairing the use and enjoyment of my property. It seems to me that to protect future buyers of property in Malibu from the abuse that my family is going through, every Realtor should have to disclose the fact that any neighbor can place a chemical toilet near their property and keep it there forever without any interference from the City.

No one has the right to spew toxic chemicals, odors, smoke, or glare without regard to the effect on other people. It says so right in the Municipal Codes that the City has adopted but apparently is unwilling to enforce. Please call Mayor Andy Stern at 310-457-1723, as well as these City Council members: John Sibert; Jefferson Wagner; Sharon Barovsky; Pamela Conley Ulich and City Manager Jim Thorsen.

The health and property you save could be your own.

Cindy and Dave Emminger