No use for spousal abuse

Elected officials are surely fair game

But the Surfside judgment’s really a shame

P. G’Bur’s attack on a Councilman’s spouse?

That’s really the definition of a thoughtless “louse.”

Sharon Barovsky should sue for slander

But she probably won’t, she’s far more grander.

False statements about the Mayor by a band of fools

Corrupts the debate and changes the rules.

The viciousness of “P. G’Bur”

Is nonsensical for sure.

It’s a travesty of free speech

Not a good lesson to teach

To the voters who won’t choose

Candidates with your views.

The backlash is building, candidates beware.

If you speak for them, this I swear

They’re sure to be beat

Go down to defeat.

Watch our hopeful candidates (Ruggles and Van Horn)

If P. G’Bur’s on their side

They’ve got nowhere to hide.

Try honest debate for a change of pace

Keller and Van Horn will go down in disgrace

Greg Sills

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