Letter: Fire Danger

Letter to the Editor

The November 2018 Woolsey Fire is a “wake up call” for those of us who live in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Our geography has a very dark side; it creates arguably the most extreme fire conditions anywhere. Ripping Santa Ana winds, explosive vegetation and single-digit humidity is a weekly occurrence

A witches brew!

The worst case scenario: A local fire ignited—in the middle of the night—fed by 80 mph wind gusts. You awaken at 3 a.m. to the smell of smoke. You attempt to turn on your lights, but there is no electricity. You feel your way to the front door. Opening it, you are pelted by ash and choked by smoke.

You are trapped. No way out. No fire department. You are on your own!

By sunrise, the fire is finished, stopped by the ocean, leaving only ruins.

Did you survive?

Were you ready?

Your error: You assumed that the next fire would be like the last fire. 

Richard Mecagni