Planetary Themes for the Month of July 2021

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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Your creative and playful sides seek greater expression as Mars continues to transit Leo. As Venus joins Mars in Leo through July 21, you can get more passionate about the things that mean the most to you. From the 22nd onward, you can no longer put off some of your responsibilities. Time to roll up your sleeves.


Family and domestic matters can run the show through July 21. Your home may become your sanctuary. From the 22nd onward, a shift begins. You move into a new cycle for manifesting in the material realm. Take advantage of work or investment opportunities. Your health, diet and fitness goals can become a priority. 


You are in your own element for communications and your social life through the July 11. However, you are prone to blind spots and not seeing things so clearly. Do a reality check. From the 12th onward, a shift begins on an emotional level. You can get better tuned in to your feelings. Connections in your relationships can deepen. 


Your value system is going through some changes during the first week of the month. The financial area needs to be examined. Play it safe. On July 11, a favorable shift begins as Mercury enters your sign joining the Sun. You are in your own element for communications and expressing your emotional side. Domestic matters are a priority.


As Venus and Mars transit your sign, you are in your power zone for getting what you want and expressing greater love and abundance. It may be a rocky ride in the relationship department through July 11. You can benefit from more alone time through the 21st. From the 22nd, it’s time to let light shine brightly!


You are prone to indecision or making some clouded decisions through July 10. Avoid blind spots in your relationships. From the 11th onward, there is a focus on your social life and meeting new people. You can become more emotional, sentimental and family oriented. Involvements in your relationships can deepen. 


This is your time to shine in the social arena and express your playful side. When it comes to finances or investments, play it safe. Expect the unexpected. In career matters, you can seek more recognition or play a leadership role. From July 21 onward, a shift begins. Health matters and your work life become more of a priority.


You can be more driven in your career or attaining your goals. Your fun side also seeks greater expression. There may be some challenges in relationships or home life that will require you to be more adaptable in your approach through July 10. From the 11th onward, you can get better tuned in emotionally and improve communications. 


This is your time to express your independence and explore new opportunities and areas. You don’t want to be tied down in any way. There could also be some unexpected changes in your work life and daily routine. When it comes to relationships and family matters, do a reality check. Things may not be as they appear.  


It will probably be a challenge to focus on getting daily tasks completed at work during the first half of the month. Avoid misunderstandings with others. When it comes to money matters and investments, play it safe. In your relationships, the intensity can increase. From July 21 onward, a favorable shift begins for money and work matters.  


Your personal relationships can heat up. Others can be more demanding of your time and attention, and just want to have fun! Try to let your defenses down. There can be some unexpected changes in your domestic life. From July 21 onward, you move into a new cycle for getting your finances in better order.


You could be having some confusion about family and domestic matters through July 10. From the 11th onward, you can get more clarity and better tuned in emotionally. There is also the urge to break free from your daily routines, travel or explore new possibilities. The connections in your relationships can deepen.