2016 in Review: April

    Paul Tanaka


    • Measure R, the controversial Malibu ballot proposition whose passage stopped the Whole Foods project, was declared illegal by a superior court judge after a trial. The proposition was the brainchild of Rob and Michele Reiner and others. It is currently on appeal by the City of Malibu and the intervenors, Michele Reiner and others, all asking the appeals court to allow no construction until the case could be heard, which the court agreed to. They also were asking the court to reverse the trial court’s decision. 

    • The locally, privately financed Broad Beach GHAD project to bring back the beach once filled with sand dunes, can not seem to get a break. After finally locating the proper sand that met Coastal Commission requirements, getting the sand out of Fillmore in Ventura County turned into legal war when Ventura County and the adjacent city of Moorpark both sued Fillmore and the GHAD because they didn’t want the truck traffic bringing out the sand. 

    • Reva Feldman, the assistant city manager of Malibu since 2010 and at the city since 2005, was chosen to become the new city manager upon the teary departure of Jim Thorsen. There were 70 applicants for the $210,000 per year job.

    • Former LA County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka was found guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy after a jury trial. The charges arose out of the scandal where the sheriff’s hid a witness from federal authorities and lied about it to cover the conspiracy.

    • The Malibu Film Society’s series about celebrities and their favorite films brought out Dan Aykroyd, Carol Burnett, Billy Crystal and Paul Riser to talk about and show their favorite films.

    • Lyme disease, for many years thought to be just an east coast disease, is obviously here to stay. Ticks found in Charmlee Park in west Malibu tested positive for Lyme disease, as well as six other locations in the Santa Monica Mountains.