Dealing with ‘Big Money’

Letter to the Editor

It’s sad to see our city council won’t stand up to the big money and appears to be so addicted to the TOT [Transient Occupancy Tax] teat that it won’t enforce state law and ban illegal hotels. I wonder how all the owners who rent their homes will react when their next door neighbor, who is a car mechanic and down on his luck through no fault of his own, decides to open an auto repair shop. After all, it’s all about the gig economy and disruption.

This is bit like Santa Monica, where you are prohibited from parking your own car on your own front lawn but the rich scooter companies can leave their scooters anywhere with impunity. They, too, can’t stand up to the big money and we all suffer a further degradation of the commons.

Tsk, tsk, shame on you guys.

David Youmans