Letter: Feels So Good

Letter to the Editor

I voted yesterday, in person, at Webster Elementary. Happy to report that it was quick and easy. No line. Lots of machines. Masks, hand sanitizer and gloves available if you forgot your own. Plenty of distancing. You can also drop off your mail-in ballot there if you chose not to vote in person. No worries about mail delivery.

We’ve all been looking forward to the opportunity to vote Trump out of office. But there was a benefit of voting yesterday that I didn’t expect:

Voting feels so good this year.

It felt like I was finally able to do something, directly, to end this travesty of a president and presidency. I felt like i was reclaiming some of my own power over this crazy situation we are in—and indeed, I was exercising my power as an American voter. It was healing and uplifting. Although we have happily been able to take our right to vote for granted all our lives, voting is a powerful and wonderful gift we have been bequeathed. It’s our rich and powerful inheritance as U.S. citizens.

So, remember to vote between now and Nov. 3. It feels so good!

I do recommend voting early, to avoid lines on Nov. 3 and help our election officials deal with the larger voter turn out expected.


Jane Albrecht


Malibu Democratic Club