Sore about eyesores

The following letter was addressed to Lawrence I Ivey.

Thank you so very much for your letter in [The Malibu Times, Feb. 11, “Yard work, anyone?”] regarding the median strip on PCH. We just came back from Cabo and medians there are very well tended, when I noticed them I couldn’t help to wonder why ours, Malibu’s, couldn’t look as nice. And I wondered why can’t this small town of Malibu take care of the most basic of housekeeping chores? And while we’re at it, have you noticed the large trash bins that are permanent fixtures on the public sidewalks along PCH, in most towns sidewalks are for people walking not for trash bins — isn’t there some kind of ordinance regarding the permanent positions of private trash bins on public sidewalks? Have you ever wondered why the city doesn’t have “city” trash cans at all the bus benches. Trash cans that have been located at bus benches by private establishments are really used, where there are none people leave their trash on the benches — is that how the city takes care of basic housekeeping of this town?

I couldn’t agree with you more about the unsightliness of the public spaces in our town. I wonder what can be done?

Anita Green

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