Hats off to council candidates


 I want to thank Sharon Barovsky and Andy Stern for their service to the community. Both of them have always had an open ear and mind to any concerns brought to the Malibu City Council from members of our neighborhood in Ramirez Canyon. Unlike the Coastal Commission, our city council has always listened to what the residents have to say and given prudent thought to their concerns. We sincerely appreciate that.

I have personally contacted and met or spoken to all of the candidates now running for city council. It is a great group of diverse and capable people. I have enjoyed speaking and getting to know all of them and each was gracious is sharing their time and their thoughts. My hat is off to all of the candidates for being willing to step up and endure the sacrifices of time and the impact on family life that this sort of community service requires. I wish all of the candidates the best of luck during this campaign and I would encourage everyone to meet them and hear what they have to say when the opportunity arises.

Only two will eventually be city council members. But I know that all of the candidates, whether they are seated as council members or not, will continue to work in whatever way they can, be it in an official or unofficial capacity-as many of them already have for years-to continue to make our community the great place that it is. Their willingness to step up is a good example for all of us, and it is what makes our country the great nation that it is.

Rick Mullen