Too little, too late


On today’s poor state of affairs, I’m saddened that a President would not even take a moment to change his schedule to comfort his fellow countrymen in their dire moment of need. How hard would it have been to just take two or three minutes to reach out to our fellow countrymen – they’re hurting. They’ve lost everything. We, the rest of America, are all they have left. As Bill Clinton has said, “There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America.” Why is it we continue to stand by and let a corrupt leadership lead our country astray? Why aren’t we as a people speaking out more, questioning more, asking for a poor leader to step down and be held accountable for his administration’s actions?

I am truly flabbergasted at a man I watched in person in Iowa in 2000 stand on a podium, and who seemed of good moral character, not even mention one word of comfort to a people who are our own. While America may be free, she is not a good country right now. I think it is time we took back the USA and made her a just place once again.

Kriss Perras