Letter: They Are Essential

Letter to the Editor

There seem to be a number of individuals on Nextdoor complaining about construction. I’m sure none of them had their homes burned down in the WoolseyFire. The people that are rebuilding these homes are paying their mortgage and rent during construction, financially straining homeowners who were likely underinsured. Continued construction is essential for the residents of Malibu—not only the homeowners whose homes were lost, but for those neighbors and neighborhoods that were devastated by the fire. The smell of burned-out foundations still lingers. Construction workers are also repairing electrical, cable, cell phone towers, roads, traffic lights and can comply with social distancing with gloves and masks which many do anyway on the job. The purpose of this email is to be preemptive, proactive and supportive of these trades and the essential services they provide to the residents of the incorporated and unincorporated parts of Malibu. Thank you for reading.

Perry C. Wander