Letter: More of the Same

Letter to the Editor

Written in response to “Pepperdine School of Public Policy dean shares petition against ‘far left indoctrinating’ curriculum,” published Oct. 22

As a holder of two degrees from Pepperdine’s Seaver College and having briefly attended the School of Public Policy, I was drawn to Ashley Mowreader’s piece from Oct. 22.

I do admire Pete Peterson’s taking ultimate responsibility for having breached university protocols and for propagating the offending message.

However, I don’t think the communique referenced is antithetical to Pepperdine’s culture. While Pepperdine handles many things professionally and admirably, I found a rigid and hyper-judgmental culture while attending Pepperdine. Jesus of Nazareth was neither of those things.

Having spent five-plus years at Pepperdine and receiving their communiques over a much longer period, I am not remotely surprised by events. And these events further my alienation from my alma mater. I am saddened by that.

I am saddened most by what appears to be an attempt and philosophy that withholds certain points of view, from view. This is the furthest thing from how education should manifest.

If you don’t agree with something, take it on and, through critical thinking, deconstruct and discuss it in front of, yes, God and everybody. I learned this from Dr. Stanley Moore at Pepperdine. It was rumored at the time that Dr. Moore was blocked from tenure because he didn’t toe the line.

One of my fondest memories of Pepperdine was the Western Heritage class taught by the much-loved Professor Randolph. We learned about a progenitor of the modern university. Never was it mentioned that certain beliefs should be obfuscated or trampled because they do not match one’s own. With Poland and Hungary receding into authoritarianism and a U.S. president cozying up to dictators and enemies while fancying himself a dictator, this is dangerously irresponsible. And chilling, because it’s right in our backyard.

Brandon Marlowe