Malibu Foundation

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Evelin Weber and Trevor Neilson knew as soon as the Woolsey Fire came through Malibu that the community would need help on a large scale. 

Together, they founded the Malibu Foundation just three days after the Nov. 9 fire; that foundation has now grown to raise millions of dollars and has provided many services, including mental health counseling. 

More than a fundraising effort to provide immediate relief to fire victims, the foundation is working hard to establish itself as a longterm support network for Malibu and surrounding areas working to rebuild. 

Board members include locals Joe Flanigan, Catherine Malcolm-Brickman and Rory Kennedy; celebrity residents Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth contributed $500,000 and also posted online about the foundation to raise awareness. 

As of mid-February, the Malibu Foundation has provided $950,000 in emergency relief, including $450,000 for the Malibu Boys and Girls Club to distribute locally. Another $200,000 had been donated to Roots & Wings, a nonprofit offering emotional support for those affected by trauma from the fire. In total, the foundation had raised about $4.5 million as of Feb. 11.