Conking out cable complaint


After months of poor service with little or no result in correcting that poor service, I felt compelled to write a letter to your paper. The poor service is in regard to my Charter cable TV reception.

Granted, from time to time, cable in Malibu has had its temporary flaws, with problems resulting from weather, wind, outages due to various causes, etc. However, for approximately the last six weeks solid, I have had little or no clear cable reception due to what, I am told, is an area-wide problem in the neighborhood where I live. The technicians who arrived at my house on more than one occasion to try to fix the problem told me it is not my home’s connection that is the problem, but instead the node (whatever that is, apparently some cable housing facility). In addition, I was told that unless enough people complain, they won’t do anything about it. This is not a satisfactory answer to the problem.

The problem is something called pixelization or tiling where a channel cannot be watched because it is almost as though the channel was being scrambled. The video and audio is affected and the television is, quite literally, rendered useless.

I have made repeated calls to the cable repair number to try to get the service corrected and have the problem fixed to no avail thus far. I told one of Charter’s representatives that if they don’t get this problem corrected I would cancel my service and get a satellite dish and was told, in a scolding manner, don’t do that, that would be a grave mistake.

Grave mistake? I doubt it. If I want to be able to catch the news or watch a movie, I am currently unable to do so thanks to the poor services and lack of transmission being provided by Charter. I urge anyone else in Malibu to take the time to call Charter at 1.888.852.2235 or 310.456.9010 and complain about their own poor service and demand a refund on their cable bill for any down time. Charter offers something called “on demand.”

At this point, the only thing I demand is to be able to actually watch television on the cable service I pay for each month.

Pam Jeffries