Malibu Seen: Pepperdine Sings and Swings

When I first encountered smooth crooner Steve Tyrell, I had no idea who he was. It all happened a few years back, when I was covering an animal conservation benefit. 

I arrived as they were just setting up, and soon came across some guy doing a sound check.

After getting an earful, I turned to my husband and said, “This sound check guy is pretty good.” 

Turns out that sound guy was award-winning vocalist Steve Tyrell.

As soon as he got on my radar, it seemed like he was everywhere, from L.A. to New York. 

On one special occasion, I treated my husband to a dinner show with Steve at the fabulous Carlyle Room in the Big Apple. 


I suppose it was meant to be, as we were seated stage side at the best table in the joint. 

After enjoying a pricy, but delicious, Dover Sole with lemon and capers, Steve took the stage with an impressive backup. To my utter amazement, he broke out the entire Burt Bacharach catalogue. 

Until he was featured in “Austin Powers,” I was always a little lukewarm about BB, but Steve turned me into a fan. 

I flew home to Malibu with his tribute CD “Back to Bacharach,” humming along to “What the World Needs Now” and “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.” 

After a truly memorable evening at the Carlyle, it was on to Hollywood and the Canyon Club just over the hill. These days, I try to catch Steve whenever I can when he’s singing everything from Sinatra standards to selections from the Great American Songbook. 

Now, he’s bringing his act to Malibu. You can check out the man “who launched a million romances” at his upcoming show at Pepperdine on Oct. 15. Needless to say, the Smothers Theatre is just the right size. I’ve never seen Steve play in an arena or stadium. His preference is for the clubby and intimate, and he usually goes for smaller venues, which makes this experience all the more enjoyable. 

That’s a great beginning for a new season at Pepperdine and the Center for the Arts. 

CFA kicked off the season with Malibu music man Herb Alpert and his wife Lani Hall. 

But there’s more in store. Next it’s a colorful peak of Bollywood with the Marsala Orchestra and The Dancers of India. For the kids, there is an entertaining family show called “Story Pirates,” where mateys of all ages can get their “argh” on. 

After Steve takes the stage, it’s on to an evening of Momix, with its innovative beauty and dance moves. The show of dancer-illusionists is hard to describe but easy to enjoy. Then it’s the a cappella band “Home Free” who aced NBC’s “Sing Off” with their high-energy performances, peppered with humor and wit. There are several upcoming solo performances, as well as a special Christmas show courtesy of LeAnn Rimes.

So summer may be over, but thanks to Pepperdine’s Center for the Arts, there are plenty of ways to get your music fix until 2-0-1-6.

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