SMMUSD Teacher Returns to School Following Controversial Stephen Miller Comments

Stephen Miller

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District teacher Nikki Fiske has returned to Franklin Elementary School after a brief reassignment for making controversial comments on Trump aide Stephen Miller.

She was placed on “home assignment”—a nondisciplinary action—by the district for her comments on the president’s senior policy adviser to The Hollywood Reporter, published last Wednesday. She taught Miller as a third grader in 1993.

The title of the piece—”Stephen Miller’s Third Grade Teacher: He was a ‘Loner’ and Ate Glue”—speaks to its content. She recounts writing her concerns about Miller on his school record, which was later removed by the principal at the time.

In addressing the reinstatement, SMMUSD spokesperson Gail Pinsker said, “We have conducted a thoughtful review and we have addressed the matter with the teacher.”

While she did not elaborate on what constituted the “thoughtful review,” Pinsker stated: “We have received emails and phone calls from Franklin current and former parents as well as from around the country.”

Franklin Principal Deanna Sinfield is in direct communication with parents at the school about their concerns.