Letter: Focus on Home First

Letter to the Editor

I spent the last few days in Malibu and had the opportunity to read the article “Syria. Why act now?” [From the Publisher, Sept. 5]. 

I agree with every single word you wrote. The logic of any kind of warfare with Syria escapes me. What would propel the U.S. to go to war because of chemicals being used to destroy the lives of innocent people any more than the use of conventional bombs, rockets and napalm would? What kind of moronic minds set these standards? 

That’s as good as saying that it’s okey to blow someone’s brains out with a .22 caliber gun, but not with a .45 caliber gun. 

I say, leave the Middle East to fight their own battles… pay attention to the problems at home. Our citizens are starving, families are living in the streets, there are not enough jobs, our infrastructure is falling apart, our school system is severely lacking financially, our medical system is frightening and on and on and on. It’s time we start taking care of our own and, if there’s anything left, we help those who really need our help abroad. We can’t afford to help everyone. That’s what the world community should be about. Every nation should contribute what they can to make things right in our world. 

The United States has to learn to prioritize. If we don’t, our greed will destroy us just as it has with all empires in the past. We human beings are an interesting lot. We certainly don’t learn much from history. We just keep repeating the same mistakes. It’s insanity to keep repeating the same thing, expecting a different result. 

We can only vote! 

Jennifer Cashoty