Grads get just ‘desert’


    On behalf of the graduates of Malibu High School’s Class of 2003, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the group of committed parents, caring staff of Malibu High and the various most generous community members and organizations whose combined efforts culminated in “Moon in Morocco”-Grad Night, an evening brimming with memories all the participating graduates will remember fondly, albeit with nostalgia, for years to come.

    Each and every one of us marveled at how the old gym was transformed-were we at Malibu High or in Casablanca? Yet, we all realized this was quite an undertaking that required much creativity, dedication and financial backing.

    I wish to acknowledge the various committees for making the event the remarkable success it turned out to be. You know who you are and I thank you for your participation and contribution in the extraordinary gift you have given us.

    To all the Malibu merchants: Thank you for supporting our school and graduates. I thank all the service clubs and organizations that have offered scholarships to our graduating class. You have been most gracious.

    To all the parents who have made pledges and donations in support of this unforgettable event, thank you for being there for us all these years in every possible way. To all the unsung heroes, I wholeheartedly thank all of you for your exemplary show of involvement.

    Oliver Damavandi

    Senior Class President

    Malibu High School