2014 Dolphin Award Winners Announced

This story has been modified. See Editor’s Note below.

Grant and Terry Adamson 

Revered for their love and service to Malibu, the Adamsons have remained cornerstones of our community for decades. Grant, a descendant of Malibu’s founding family, was widely recognized for his service to the community, his mentorship of young Pepperdine students and contributions to the Crest Advisory Board up until his tragic death in 2013. His wife Terry is equally accomplished, having served as a Commissioner in the Malibu court, an adjunct professor of law at Pepperdine and philanthropist. 

Graeme Clifford 

A passionate advocate of the arts in Malibu, 40-year-resident Graeme Clifford has helped enrich the local cultural landscape through his service and leadership on countless boards and committees, including the Malibu Stage Company, the Malibu Township Council, the Cultural Arts Commission and the Pepperdine Crest Advisory Board. Aside from his many local involvements, Clifford is an accomplished director whose films like “Frances” have garnered Academy Award nominations. 

Maggie Luckerath 

Recognized for her tireless volunteer efforts and fervor for organizing fundraising events, Luckerath has been instrumental in helping those who need it the most. When the Bonewitz family adopted five children, she led the charge in helping those parents keep their children taken care of. She has supported countless other causes through her work with the Malibu Rotary Club and Malibu Film Society. Many have said, “If you want something done in Malibu, Maggie is the person to go to.” 

Romy Rapoport 

Serving as a pseudo-mom to many future moms, Rapoport founded and spearheads Malibu’s La Leche League group. A certified childbirth educator, she has helped support, nourish and coach local expectant mothers for nearly two decades. Countless local mothers credit her kindheartedness and wealth of knowledge for her helping them experience a positive pregnancy, childbirth and a deliver a healthy baby. 

Michele and Rob Reiner 

This local couple committed their personal funds, time and reputations to lead a community effort to place Measure R on the November ballot, which passed with nearly 60 percent voter approval. Despite a heated, campaign season, the Reiners and their team of advocates campaigned until the last ballot was cast. No strangers to political campaigns, they were also the main backer in the Supreme Court case that saw California’s Prop 8 overturned, a historic victory in the national fight for the legalization of gay marriage. Reiner also chaired the campaign to pass Prop 10, the California Children and Families Initiative, which created First 5 California, a program of early childhood development services, funded by a tax on tobacco products. 

Kian and Joel Schulman 

Founders of Poison Free Malibu, the Schulmans have led the life-saving fight against uses of rodenticides containing anticoagulants in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains. By helping pass local bans on these poisons, they have potentially saved the lives of many raptors, mountain lions and other animals that might have otherwise succumbed to rodenticides in the local food chain. Their efforts have not only resulted in anticoagulant legislation in Malibu but have garnered heavy interest and support backing across the country. 

Hillary Sturgeon 

The Youth Dolphin Award honoree and senior at Malibu High School has long been involved with numerous philanthropic causes such as Malibu Community Labor Exchange and International Mission to Kenya. She helped organize a holiday party for Labor Exchange workers, and collected and delivered toys while also encouraging fellow students to get involved. Her generous heart goes well beyond local boundaries, as she is also co-president of Amnesty International Club at MHS. 

Steven Weinberg 

The Harvey Baskin Dolphin is awarded to Malibu business leaders and professionals who have served our community through their funding and service. Steven Weinberg exemplifies the best in our business community by offering his energy, advice and legal services pro bono to local groups such as the Malibu Playhouse, the Dolphin Foundation, the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue, and Malibu Community Labor Exchange. A founder of Holmes Weinberg, PC, he provides full legal services while also organizing and leading group retreats, helping shape business and marketing strategies, all in the hopes of helping these groups tackle issues head-on and attain success for their organizations. 

Editor’s Note: This story previously stated the Schulmans founded Malibu Agricultural Society. They are founders of Poison Free Malibu. June Louks is the founder of MAS. Kian Schulman is secretary of MAS.

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