Year-end thanksgiving


Thank you to all the people who took the time to decorate their houses with lights! Such an enjoyment to ride around and see them all in the canyons and towns, down the long boulevards, like San Vicente and Main St., Santa Monica (starfish there!). Doesn’t matter how big or small the house-just the invention of shrubbery and rooftop. Superb!

Thanks for Pam Linn, who keeps our brains full with her personal notations, which make us laugh along with our murmuring of what next can we do to fix the world?

Thanks to the people who actually pull up in the turning lanes, not leaving an entire car length in front of them, thus preventing their purpose, which is to give a little pocket of pause while the rest of traffic has the ability to continue sailing along. Horrible block-ups at Webb Way and Cross Creek, turning left into the shopping centers, or turning left up Santa Monica Canyon at Chautauqua, or left onto the California Incline-and just about anywhere else one looks-could be halfway resolved, along with the road rage which ensues. A car-length or two, whilst driving, is the safety rule. It doesn’t apply to stopped and waiting for the light to engage for you.

Oh, and thank you for the blue-sky-palm-trees Christmases in California! As a child, I so longed for snow because it’s in all the movies, but now I am perfectly satisfied to be on the glittering ocean in a dry Santa Ana day! Happy New Year!

Beate Nilsen