Front-page blues


You are absolutely right about the traffic situation in Malibu. It is ridiculous to have a superhighway going through the residential district of a small town, and ridiculous that the city and/or the state hasn’t taken measures to reduce the speed limit through Malibu to something less than 70 MPH.

I live on PCH just down from the pier and several times a day I brace myself at the sound of squealing tires and honking horns. There hasn’t been anything fatal in front of my house yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

PCH through Malibu is a charnel house. How many accidents do you see in an average week? I have to pull out onto PCH every dayand sometimes run across-and it’s terrifying.

I am in awe of how badly people drive on PCH. I can’t believe how fast people drive and I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people stop dead in the fast lane to do a left turn or a U-turn. It’s all an accident waiting to happen, and I really am surprised no one has sued the city or the state.

Some day it’s going to get one of us, and that is not a nice thought.

Maybe what the Malibu Times should do is donate some part of the front page to keep a running toll of the number of accidents that happen every day, week, month and year on PCH between Topanga and Zuma.

Put it right there on the front page, and put as many numbers as possible: Injuries, deaths, property damage, man hours spent cleaning up the whole mess. Something has to be done or more people are going to get totaled and more million-dollar Ferraris will be totaled.

Ben Marcus and Kristie Griffith