Letter: Stop the Bullying

Letter to the Editor

The email from the mysterious Malibu CAN organization that falsifies a message from the Webster School principal is horrifying. There were leaders who clearly endorsed Measure W by using their own signatures and pictures of their children, writing letters to the editor and speaking at public hearings long before Whole Foods and the Park became Measure W.

Their clear endorsement, which dates back to the beginning of this year, never even became an issue until Malibu’s angry and vocal minority put pressure on the principal, who felt backed into a corner by local yellers and the oblivious and absentminded SMMUSD.

The project will clearly benefit our kids and the community, so it is deplorable to vilify volunteer parents for silly political gain.

Rumor has it that a wife of a certain movie director we all know has threatened to sue the PTA mothers because they dared to voice their opinion. These people are bullies, plain and simple, and they make me ashamed to call Malibu my home. Vote “yes” on W and tell these bullies to stay home.

Kim Bonewitz