Mayor Expresses Views on Gun Control Debate

Malibu Mayor Rick Mullen—a Marine veteran—spoke at Monday’s city council meeting regarding his thoughts on the gun control debate.

“The First Amendment is backed up by the Second Amendment,” Mullen said.

Many council members have been vocal supporters of increased gun control measures—Laura Rosenthal and Lou La Monte both publicly appeared at the march organized by Malibu High School students last month—but Mullen, a self-proclaimed “no political affiliation” voter, cautioned “we have to be careful what we ask for” when it comes to gun control. 

A little while after the city presented a commendation marking the 75th anniversary of the heroic acts committed by Jewish prisoners during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Mullen seemed to suggest a lessening of gun control in Poland may have prevented the Holocaust.

“I don’t know what the gun control situation was like in Poland, but those guys could have probably done with a few more weapons,” Mullen said Monday. “Just wanted to point out the irony of commemorating the heroes of the Warsaw uprising.”

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