Heading in right direction


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the present City Council for taking the concept of municipality and turning it into things for a great majority of its current citizens and have them for years into the future. First, it the Senior Center at City Hall. This is a great first step. Second, it the acquisition of Bluffs Park for our kids fields. This proves, you never give up the great dream. I especially wish to thank Jeff Jennings for his efforts for all our future kids (including the local Malibu High School) and more. Third, I wish to support all the land that this City can now buy from willing sellers. Do you think we could establish a fund that the average citizen could contribute to help purchase some of the land for ball fields, etc?

However, I wish to see a new City Hall built next to our new library structure so we could be brought into the 2lst century. Let’s figure a way to get both. Included in both structures should be lots of meeting rooms for different purposes.

Again, I want to congratulate our current City Council with its current mayor Sharon Barovsky for their forward looking thinking and working with all the government agencies so this city can profit from all we can become.

Marilynn Santman