Judi Levi


Longtime Malibu resident Judi Levi died of lung cancer Sept. 9. She was 75.

Born Aug. 4, 1934 in Youngstown, Ohio, Levi grew up in West Los Angeles since the age of six. She moved to Malibu in the late ‘70s to what is called the Old Road and “changed the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands,” writes her son Rex Levi.  “Judi’s open-door policy, animal loving and epitome of beach living led many to move to Malibu themselves.” 

Judi Levi was a Realtor and was a greeter and a promotion representative for what was Lincoln Savings prior to the savings and loan crash.  Levi was also a supporter of the California Wildlife Center and was involved in many community events and organizations.

Levi is survived by her daughter Debbie Levi McPhie, and sons Ben Levi and Rex Levi, as well as by her beloved dog Bentley.

A private memorial is scheduled for Sept. 20. Information can be obtained by emailing rexlevi@charter.net