All Beaches Are Open Despite Recent Health Department Activity

Hurricane Marie brought huge swells to Malibu beaches. Hundreds of surfers took to the waves and played in the water.

A recent alert posted on the Malibu city website stated The Los Angeles County Department of Health had enforced beach closures for Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach, but all beaches are open and readily in use according to city officials.

The alert also stated that along with the two beach closures, 100 yds of sand on both sides of the pier were closed.

“What happens is, when the county has suspicion that there may be contamination, they close the beach. That’s what they did in this instance,” said Sr. Environmental Programs Coordinator Jennifer Brown. 

The effects of Hurricane Marie shook Malibu Pier on Wednesday, sparking pier damage, pier closure and Department interest in water cleanliness. 

“They sampled the water quality on Wednesday and Thursday,” Brown said. “The results were negative two times in a row.”

The Malibu pier is still closed and may open again this weekend, but beaches are open, according to District Superintendent Craig Sap.

Additionaly, lifeguards are out and patroling the waters during the start of the long holiday weekend.

“We have lifeguards on duty and over 500 surfers in the water,” according to Cpt. Snyder of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards.