Take care of animals


    “The owners will be cited for allowing animals to create a dangerous public hazard,” are the words I have always hoped to hear. Malibu is a community that takes it too lightly as to the whereabouts of their animals.Your young children are not running around unsupervised, but when it comes to animals, ask yourself how many pets have you seen dead on the road. Every sympathetic excuse can be heard as to why their pet is lost or dead.

    I hope that Lori and Larry Gray will pay, because quite frankly I think that this is what it might take for some action of responsibility for animals. The Grays letter to the editor thanking all involved is probably a good political move on their part, hoping things won’t be too harsh on them. I hope we can take responsibility of owners to their pets and implement fines for animals running free, causing potential loss of life from swerving cars and not to say the trauma to the animal to be lost, stolen or killed!

    So before anyone feels angry about my feelings, isn’t this really for the well being of all involved?

    Mrs. Gold