Letter: Voice of Malibu

Letter to the Editor

Finally Malibuites might have a real say in what happens to their community. We have sat by for twenty years and watched our beautiful, rural, piece of heaven become inundated with rapacious developers who never saw a commercial chain they didn’t love. I don’t know too many locals who will fork over $289 for a pair of jeans at True (Rip-Off) Religion or plunk down $350 for a Ralph Lauren scarf. More grocery stores we don’t need. To think that by banning Whole Foods, (How could anyone turn away such a nice, wholesome place?) we’d be bamboozled — losing sight of what’s really up Steve Soboroff’s sleeve — is greatly underestimating simple human intelligence. All over the country, historical societies exist to preserve buildings and landmarks that would otherwise get bulldozed. Why can’t the same safety measure exist for land that is precious, diminishing and breathtaking? The City Council has a lot on their plate and they do a great job. But in the case of developers vs. Malibu, it’s time for the folks to speak up and be heard. It’s called the vote.

Kathryn Dowling Wrye