Malibu Seen: Malice at the Palace

Royal family

Prim and proper Buckhouse (aka Buckingham Palace) is a world away from the White House, let alone the glitz, razzle, dazzle and scandal of Hollywood. 

But the new additions to the traditional UK script could come right out of the National Enquirer—in fact, they already are.?New moms, new babies, new friends joined in on what seemed to be a fresh, warm start—talk of a royal engagement and new little ones to come. 

Things started cracking when Prince Harry’s relationship with brother and king-to-be Prince William showed signs of a strain. The same can be said of his royal wife and mother of three Kate Middleton and Harry’s bride Meghan Markle. 

While they shared a common love for style, hats and fascinators, children, and charity, there are differences between the UK commoner who spent years trying out for the gig and a mixed race California girl who’s used to trying out for TV shows.?All is to be expected when all is strange, fresh and new. Maybe it’s a part of my own colorful background as a first generation American who comes to you via Italy and England, but there’s one line you don’t cross and that’s the 94-year-old queen.?Maybe it’s a bit of old bias as an ex-Chelsea girl, but there is one thing one simply doesn’t do and that is to say “No,” to the coveted family Christmas festivities at the queen’s beloved Sandringham estate. The young royals reportedly “snubbed” Her Majesty in favor of a Christmas with Meghan’s “mum” Doria Ragland possibly in the sunny streets of South L.A. No wool, down coats or Wellies needed.?It does seem a bit unfair as Kate had to wait years with a wedding promise to boot before she snagged her first invite.?The queen says no offense taken, or as Meghan likes to say of her new duties, “I never thought this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair.” 


While Fleet Street is all abuzz about royal woes, filmmakers have celluloid gifts for fans to behold.?Malibu’s James Cameron, who just finished up “Terminator: Dark Fate,” is busy at work on more much delayed sequels and “Avatar” continues to keep him busy. Jeffrey Katzenberg is teaming up with Meg Whitman brings $1 billion for a new service and big names—think Steven Spielberg, Chrissy Teigen and Keven Hart for content. Longtime local Mark Burnett is creating anything and everything he can get his hands on. He’s in it to win it with MGM’s Jon Glickman providing materials across all platforms. 

So, what do you have all wrapped up under the tree? Don’t know much about Katzenberg’s billions, but I hear there’s a good place to find a spot of tea and a copy of “The Mail” across the pond.