New mystery at dunes


With mixed feelings I can somewhat demystify the anonymous artist of Westward Beach Road.

He is a young man who calls himself Dream-Weaver. At least he used that name a few years ago when we spoke. He is homeless in the Point Dume area and has been treating us with his rock spires on and off for the past several years.

The real mystery is, why, all of a sudden are we seeing these more elaborate structures? The beauty of his art has always been the simplicity of the single spire stack of stones, sometimes precariously balanced, usually descending in size as they near the top.

I’m not an expert in such matters but I see two possibilities that I’ll share. Lately we see him walking hand and hand with a girlfriend. Has he received new inspiration, taking his art to another level? Or could there be a copycat out there cashing in on Dream-Weaver’s audience, fooling those of us who never quite understood. I guess that’s for us to figure out.

Personally, I liked his old stuff better but that’s what art is all about.

Frank Rich