New skateboard park gets OK


The Malibu skateboarders may soon see their dream of a state-of-the-art Malibu skateboard park become an actuality, thanks to the generosity of a Malibu landowner and the tenacity of a few kids, their parents and supporters.

Jack Schultz , an 82-year-old, major, Civic Center landowner, in business with his two adult daughters and who likes to see kids having a good time, will donate the use of the land for three years. The park will be known as Poppa Jack’s Skateboard Park.

The money is coming from the city of Malibu. After an intensive lobbying campaign by several teen-agers and adults, including Cutter McCloud, Reed Ferrar, Blake Mills and his dad, John Mills, the owner of Clout Surfboards, the City Council recently agreed to fund the skatepark construction. The winning bid came in from the Malibu Pacific Tennis Court Company of Westlake Village at $30,000 for the ramps and $7,500 for the paving, more than the original $16,000-$18,000 estimate but within acceptible limits to the the council.

Next, the contractor will meet with the skateboard group to help work out the design. Construction is estimated to take six weeks.

The City Council authorized ad sales inside the park to help offset expenses.