Together, at last


I live in Malibu West. I am one of the People “for” Trancas Park, but I wish it wasn’t a “for” or “against” thing, as it has now sadly become. My neighborhood is seriously divided and what is so sad is that it is all over a much-needed park! This project was created for the children and dogs of Malibu and anybody else who likes parks. Most of the families in Malibu West have kids and four-legged family members. Nobody wants to alter the ridge; they just want a nice park.

Thankfully, a large number of neighbors agree that we must now join together to save the ridge and save the park, as it seems the city might be able to resize the park in order to make both “sides” happy. Wow, what a concept! Thanks, Sharon Barovsky! It’s nice to know someone cares. If this can be achieved and we will save the ridge and get a park built before my three kids leave for college, Malibu West will quickly unite and turn back into the fun, warm and kind place it was before this ugly park raucous began a couple of months ago.

Justine Petretti