Malibu resident dies in Farmers’ Market tragedy


Malibu resident Lynne Weaver was one of the 10 people who were killed in the Farmers’ Market devastation in Santa Monica last Wednesday, leaving friends and family in shock and in mourning.

Weaver, wife of director Rob Weaver and daughter-in-law of actor Dennis Weaver, went shopping at the Farmers’ Market after her workday with her friend and coworker, Holley Hakinson.

According to a close friend of Hakinson’s, the only detail that she remembers about the event was picking out tangerines with Weaver and then waking up in the hospital. Hakinson’s injuries consisted of a broken jaw and a concussion.

Candace Bowen, president of Women in Film and a close friend of Weaver, said, “This woman was loved by everybody. She was a starter and always had her hand in the future.”

A native Californian, Lynne Weaver was born Sept. 24, 1955. Weaver spent her childhood in Orange, California. She later moved to the San Fernando Valley and graduated from Chatsworth High School. She was the mother of 18-year-old Jennifer Weaver, a champion equestrienne, who graduated from Malibu High School in June.

Weaver was a civic leader whose lists of accomplishments with nonprofit groups and organizations are countless and too long to list. Her day-to-day job was chief operating officer of After-School All-Stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children’s support group formerly known as Inner-City Games. When in Washington, Weaver escorted Schwarzenegger to congressional hearings. Prior to Weaver’s public service career she was a professional ice skater.

Some of the charities and nonprofit groups that Weaver helped support are Native American Sioux Pineridge Reservation, L.I.F.E. (Love is Feeding Everyone) and Women in Film (she was chair of New Media Council in 1997, and designed its Web site).

“If Women in Film had a flag, then it would be at half mast,” Bowen said.

Weaver had been an instructor for several years in courses related to public relations at UCLA Extension and Loyola Marymount universities. Weaver and her husband also owned their own production company called InterWeave Entertainment, Inc., in which she served as vice president.

Weaver was executive producer for “The Christmas Card,” which won Platinum Best of Show in the 1998 Aurora Awards. She also produced and coordinated “Earthship,” a PBS documentary.

Weaver was very active in her father-in-law’s nonprofit Institute of Ecolonomics, which promotes solving the problem of the destruction of the earth’s resources, while taking into account the need to improve the economic side of the coin at the same time.

“Our family’s loss is the world’s loss,” Dennis Weaver said about his daughter-in-law.

Weaver is survived by her husband and daughter, her mother, June DeMaria, sisters Margaret Radin, Melinda Kopstein, Erin Villalobos, Heidi Bracamontes and Gretchen Haug, and brothers Dino de Maria, John Haug and Gary Braden.

The After-School All-Stars Offices, 1460 4th Street, Suite 300, in Santa Monica, is administering a college scholarship fund in her memory. More information can be obtained by calling 310.458.4411.

A private memorial for Lynne Weaver will take place on July 23.