Preparing for an Earthquake

ShakeOut participants practice holding on in the event of an earthquake.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

  • Make the inside of your home safe by making sure the following are firmly attached and nailed into wall studs if necessary:  works of art hanging on the wall, chandeliers, big TVs, tall book cases and cabinets that could fall over. 
  • Sign up for the city’s disaster notifications—the Malibu Alert System and Everbridge. Verizon landlines are automatically entered into the Everbridge system, but cell phones must be registered by going to the city’s website. Dueñas said so far only 1,700 cell phones have been registered, even though the city has 13,000 residents.
  • Make sure you have earthquake insurance.
  • Make a plan with your household.
  • Obtain supplies for home and car that include as much water as possible, fuel, cash and a generator.
  • Talk to your neighbors and organize your neighborhood.
  • Attend CERT training.

What to Do During an Earthquake

  • If on the beach: Immediately start walking inland, in case of a tsunami. If the earthquake originated just offshore, the wall of water would travel too quickly to shore for any warnings to be issued.
  • If in the house: Get under a sturdy table or desk. If that’s not possible tuck into a corner or base of a wall, covering your head and neck with your hands. 
  • If in your car: Pull over away from power poles or anything else that could fall on the car.  
  • If in a store:  Use your best judgment to avoid being hit by falling items in the store, but do not run outside because store signs and facades have been known to fall and seriously injure people.