Letter: Sad

Letter to the Editor

Bob Yates’ April 29 response to my letter can be described only as an emotional keyboard temper tantrum. I can only say: Yates, facts don’t care about your feelings.  

Yates is understandably sad that Breonna Taylor lost her life during her criminal boyfriend’s gun battle with police, but his out-of-left-field query asking if I am glad Taylor died is pathetic and sick. Nobody deserves to die, but when you are the bag lady of a major drug operation and your co-conspirator boyfriend fires on police, it is not the police at fault. Yates also falsely claims that Taylor was shot and killed while she slept in her bed. He asks about my sources, but doesn’t reveal his own. He should check the police report, the warrant and the transcripts of the jail recordings, all of which are public record.  

Yates closes with bolded “you are a liar.” I am gladdened by the image of Yates sitting behind his computer screen in his underpants at 3 a.m., steam seeping from his ears, and blood from his… wherever. Sad!

Otis Yang