Malibu 2020 Graduate to play College Baseball for AVC

Ryan is first in line on the far right of the group.  Wearing his Cubs hat.  

My Son Ryan Redondo recently graduated from Malibu High.  Ryan’s passion is Baseball. Ryan played for Malibu Sharks and a lot of Summer Club baseball.   His highlight was going to Japan and pitching for the Chicago Cubs Scout Team.   He spent a week in Osaka Japan and was the only winning pitcher on the trip.  He faced two teams during the week and was a top pitcher.  After Ryan returned from Japan, he was different.  He grew up and fell in love with Japan.  Ryan also worked harder to succeed in baseball.  Ryan had a few setbacks as a player from arm injuries.  Tendinitis as a Sophomore, a fractured elbow as a Junior and missed Senior season.  Ryan has always trained hard during Summers and continues to train at TZA  as a  pitcher.  Ryan is currently attending Antelope Valley College and will be Pitching for the AVC Marauders next season.  Ryan’s goal is to move on to a D1 University and pitch.   I am so proud of  Ryan’s achievement and look forward to his decisions in the future.

Ryans Dad