Malibu 2020 Graduate to play College Baseball for AVC

My Son Ryan Redondo recently graduated from Malibu High.  Ryan’s passion is Baseball. Ryan played for Malibu Sharks and a lot of Summer Club baseball.   His highlight was going to Japan and pitching for the Chicago Cubs Scout Team.   He spent a week in Osaka Japan and was the only winning pitcher on the trip.  He faced two teams during the week and was a top pitcher.  After Ryan returned from Japan, he was different.  He grew up and fell in love with Japan.  Ryan also worked harder to succeed in baseball.  Ryan had a few setbacks as a player from arm injuries.  Tendinitis as a Sophomore, a fractured elbow as a Junior and missed Senior season.  Ryan has always trained hard during Summers and continues to train at TZA  as a  pitcher.  Ryan is currently attending Antelope Valley College and will be Pitching for the AVC Marauders next season.  Ryan’s goal is to move on to a D1 University and pitch.   I am so proud of  Ryan’s achievement and look forward to his decisions in the future.

Ryans Dad

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