All oil wells need testing


There are nearly 4,000 oil platforms pumping in the Gulf of Mexico similar to the Deepwater Horizon, and each one, presumably equipped with a Blow Out Preventer, or BOP, similar to the one that failed when the Deepwater Horizon sank. Each of these BOPs must be tested by their oil company under supervision of our U.S. Coast Guard ASAP, and the well shut down if they fail or have not been installed. The Deepwater Horizon’s well is down 5,000 feet, which means the water pressure is more than a ton per square inch. This could jam the BOP’s actuating mechanism. Was the BOP tested at 5,000 feet? I wouldn’t be surprised if many or all the BOPs fail at this depth. Imagine what would happen if terrorist submarines got into the Gulf and started torpedoing the oil platforms and the BOPs failed to stop the oil flow into the Gulf. Remember the South Korean warship that was sunk recently, allegedly, by a torpedo. Our Coast Guard should start dropping submarine nets around the oil platforms immediately to help prevent disaster.

Jack Singleton