Art Show Opening at Topanga Canyon Gallery

The Topanga Canyon Gallery Art Show Postcard

Art Show “Pigments Of Our Imagination”  March 1to march 25, Reception March 10


Pigments of our Imagination – a new show opening at the recently redesigned Topanga Canyon Gallery on March 1 features four artists, each with unique perspectives on color and the view of our surroundings. Focusing on the pigments, color choices, and reflections of color, these four artists set up an eye-catching show.

Russell Hunziker of Pacific Palisades uses watercolor and acrylic paint in Plein-air and studio paintings. These painting mediums capture the transient and fleeting beauty that he sees in nature. Both mediums use water, which is an active and vibrant source that forms the natural world.  Russ’ paintings capture riparian valleys, hills and beaches of Southern California, the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara to the Mojave deserts and mighty mountains of the Sierra Nevada.  You can feel the breeze, smell the ocean, and see the beauty that is California when you gaze at Russell Hunziker’s work.

Kit Plumridge, of Malibu, is an avid surfer and sailor.  His love of the sea and beach precipitates the inspiration of his paintings. Continually striving to recognize unusual perspectives in the scenes that he paints, Kit’s efforts result in dynamic and fluid compositions. Kit’s choice of color and his imagination recreate the coast as you have never seen it before.  Always engaged in improvement and mastery, Kit continues to experiment with his beloved oil paints, and recently with watercolor and 3D presentation.  Enjoy the strikingly colorful flavor Kit brings to this show.

Toby Salkin, of Woodland Hills, paints bold, flamboyant landscapes, reflecting both her childhood in New York City, and her love of California. Her poignant, reflective portraits, ask you to look at everyday people in a new light. In addition to her striking oil paintings, Toby creates contemporary collage and assemblage works.  Asking the viewer to step back and see color, shapes, and the negative spaces is a signature of Toby’s art.

Sari Scheer, a San Fernando Valley native, focuses on reflections and negative space as she creates singular sculptures from empty, recycled wine bottles.  An eco-artist, Sari chooses to create sculptures that are delicate in appearance, reflecting the beauty in everyday objects, reconfigured. The core of Sari’s work is to create sculpture that immerses the viewer in the voids and reflections, subtle color changes in the glass, and reinforce the concept that so many of our consumables can be reused, recycled and appreciated.

Topanga Canyon Gallery is an artist owned gallery. The recent remodel creates a clean, inviting space to highlight the Gallery’s 22 artists and make the art accessible to art lovers and collectors in the greater Los Angeles Area. Pigments of our Imagination is the first small group show to use the entire gallery space to showcase four artists.

Pigments of our Imagination will open March 1st and run through March 25.  Reception on March 10, 4-7pm.  Gallery hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 11-6, Friday Noon – 8 and Sunday 11-5. Topanga Canyon Gallery is located at 120 N Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290