Planetary Themes for the Month of June

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

On June 11, Mercury ends its retrograde cycle and turns stationary direct. This is a better period to begin to move forward with plans or important decisions. Sunday, June 21, is the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. This officially marks the beginning of the summer season. 


You are probably moving in many directions this month until the 24th. Try to stay organized and focus on your priorities. You are in the best cycle for new opportunities or making some positive changes through the 22nd. After the 24th, family and emotional matters begin to take on more importance in your life.


The focus is on earnings and making practical use of your clever and original ideas. On the 5th, your playful side can come out. There is likely to be an interest in sports, recreation or spending more time with children in your life. New opportunities can lead to something on a larger scale toward the end of the month.


You are at home in your own element to get your ideas across to others. Push forward after the 11th in the social arena — this can lead to new friends and unexpected opportunities. Your drive and energy can take you far through the 24th. Don’t forget to pay attention to details and remain realistic with your plans.


You may be dealing with things behind the scenes or some restrictions on your personal freedom until the 24th. A positive shift occurs on the 24th when Mars enters your sign. This gives you more strength and drive to accomplish goals. You enter a cycle for financial increase and opportunity during the second half of June. 


You are on fire starting on the 5th when Venus enters your sign. Your personal magnetism can reach new heights this month to help you magnetize more love and abundance in your life. Don’t take things for granted and make the most of new opportunities. This can lead to something big toward the end of the month.


There may be some dissatisfaction in the career area or delays accomplishing your goals through the 11th. Getting better organized and narrowing your focus can yield better results. Remain objective in personal relationships. Things are not as they appear. More time spent alone can help balance you and bring you more joy.


A positive shift in your social life occurs for you on the 5th. Your popularity can increase — come out of your shell and shine. New opportunities can come to you through your network of friends. There is a desire to travel or interest in foreign cultures. You can end up learning something new that expands your belief system. 


Some adjustments may be necessary with your spending habits. A closer examination of finances or investments is in store. You have more options in the romance department but may not be seeing things clearly. Greater rewards financially can happen during the second half of the month if you express your originality. 


You move into a positive cycle on the 5th for travel or involvements with others from foreign cultures. More fun, recreation and romance yearn to be expressed in your life. There may be so many new opportunities you can’t decide which ones to pursue. During the second half of the month is a better time to make your move. 


Your house of finances turns more favorable after the 5th for attracting more resources, support from others and new opportunities. Just be careful of your spending and avoid over indulgences. Your daily routine looks filled to the brim. Try to get better organized and narrow your focus to the most important priorities.


Personal relationships and romance can play a more important role in your life after the 5th. Others are attracted to your unique qualities. However, indecision may plague you when it comes to love. Your playful and creative sides come out. Pursuing new hobbies or recreational activities can bring you more joy this month.


There may be some domestic tensions that need to be cleared up. Try not to escape from the situation or being misunderstood with family members or siblings. Avoid making important decisions as situations are subject to change this month. After the 24th, it will be easier for you to get into the flow and your needs met.