Blog: Bargains Galore

Burt Ross

I know that when most people think of Malibu, they don’t think of bargains, but our little town by the sea has bargains galore, and I’m going tell you about just a few of them.

My favorite bargain is the Malibu Local Discount Card issued by Our Lady of Malibu School located at 3225 South Winter Canyon Road. This small card which fits easily in your wallet is the key to significant savings. For only $20, this card entitles the bearer to a 10% discount at many of Malibu’s fine eating establishments. If you eat out frequently as I do, you could easily save hundreds of dollars a year. There is no catch, no small print that negates the savings by saying something like “this card does not apply during months which end in the letter ‘r.'”

If you have any questions about the card, don’t call me, call Karen Medrano at 310.456.8071. If you are pleased with the card, feel free to share your savings with me. By the way, you do not have to convert to Catholicism to purchase a card.

Another bargain is “Tales by the Sea,” a talkathon held quarterly at the Malibu West Beach Club across from the Trancas Country Market.  Performers including professional comedians and actors tell entertaining stories, and the charge for the listening public is absolutely zero. If this entertainment in a gorgeous venue overlooking the sea weren’t enough, some healthy soup or fresh fruit is thrown in, also for free. Since everything today seems to cost an arm and a leg, you may not be familiar with the word “free.” It means you get something for nothing without anything expected in return.  The expression “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply here since you don’t pay anything. For further information, go to  

And finally, I strongly recommend the Malibu Film Society, which if not an inexpensive bargain, is certainly good value. A single membership costs $250 and entitles the holder to movies year round many of which are critically acclaimed, and in some cases, haven’t yet opened in the theaters. Members are occasionally able to bring a guest without charge, and snacks for members are always free. The screenings normally take place at the centrally located Jewish Community Center right off the PCH. It is only fitting that in Malibu religious services often draw fewer people than do the screenings. 

Guest speakers, including directors, producers, screenwriters and actors, frequently follow the movies for a question and answer period moderated by the Society’s Executive Director Scott Tallal. Already this year Carl Reiner, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner and Rene Russo, among many others, have appeared to answer probing and intelligent questions from Scott and members of the audience. In the cause of full disclosure, I need to point out that Scott was unable to produce Edward Snowden for the screening of “Citizenfour.”

If you are an avid movie-goer, you will save money by becoming a member without even taking into account the schlepping into L.A., traffic, parking, and don’t forget the snacks — never forget the snacks!