Letter: Support for Mayhem, Death and Destruction

Letter to the Editor

A historical perspective of Democratic tolerance for left-wing terrorism:

In 1983, current House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler beseeched President Clinton to pardon convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg, who placed a bomb outside the U.S. Senate chamber in 1983 in a failed objective to massacre Republican senators. 

On Jan. 20, 2001, Clinton granted the Rosenberg pardon. By pure happenstance, her Capitol assault caused no deaths as the blast shattered the second floor of the Senate wing.

Smithsonian historian William Rosenau described Rosenberg’s terrorist group, M19, so labeled to honor the shared May 19 birthdays of Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh, as an “offshoot” of the Weather Underground, the domestic terror group led by Bill Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground. Ayers bombed the Pentagon and, yes, the Capitol as well in the 1970s; prosecutorial misconduct shielded him from prosecution. Ayers currently resides serenely as a prominent academic. Ayers openly associated with President Barack Obama prior to his presidency.

The Rosenberg absolution depicts a swelling succession of left-wing terrorist achievements either forgiven or sanctioned by Democrats and their collaborators in the corporate media. The 2020 summer mayhems in our cities adds additional illustrations of progressive reports of ostensibly “peaceful protests” embracing looting, violence, death and destruction.

Nadler, house judiciary chair, is righteously outraged at the recent Capitol mayhem, as many of us are, while compassionately exonerating Rosenberg for her heinous endeavor to assassinate United State Senators.

The Hill website removed this post in 10 minutes flat!

Tony Faver