Letter: Saddened by SeaWorld

Letter to the Editor

A letter to the principal of Point Dume Marine Science School:

My name is MacKenna Strange and I graduated from Point Dume Marine Science School (PDMSS) in 2008. I am now an 11th-grader at Malibu High School. I have heard about the recent issues with the fifth-graders and their SeaWorld field trip and I am saddened by it.

My years at PDMSS were the best years of my life so far and now I am embarrassed that I went there. If it is a marine science school, shouldn’t it advocate the well-being of animals?

I went on the SeaWorld field trip before problems with the park became known. I am humiliated that I went on the trip and that any of our money went toward what takes place there.

I will be disappointed if students go on the field trip. I am so proud that a student took a stand and I am dumbfounded that the school is not backing her up. Why not take them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where they try and help animals? We went on that field trip as well. Everyone who I’ve talked to about this issue is saddened by the PDMSS faculty and parents for not boycotting SeaWorld.

These students live in Malibu and see whales in the wild. How can you think it’s acceptable for them to see whales in captivity? Trainers have died at SeaWorld from whales. Is that a place to take a fifth-grader, or any other person? I really hope that you think about what I’ve said and watch the movie “Blackfish” to see for yourself.

MacKenna Strange