Planetary Themes For The Month Of August

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You are now more into the emotional realm as your planetary ruler, Mars, continues to transit Scorpio this month. Is there something that needs to be healed or removed from your life? This can happen for you during the first week of August. Make some adjustments with finances and seek more balance between work and play. 


A deeper involvement in personal relationships or business partnerships is in store. Other people can be more demanding and are attracted to something you have. Make the most of your attributes and assets. Try to be more adaptable when dealing with others and be willing to make some compromises with negotiations. 


Your creative and playful side comes out strongly this month through the 15th. There is also much activity in your daily routine and responsibilities that you can’t hide from. After the 15th, you feel motivated to get more organized and accomplish goals. Don’t get blindsided from someone’s false promises through the 19th. 


You remain in a favorable cycle for attracting the things you want and more love in your life as Venus transits your sign through the 11th of the month. Self-growth and an expansion of your self-worth and talents are in the stars. After the 15th, you can accomplish goals better working with others or with business partners. 


The tide is definitely flowing your way this month. Your personal magnetism can reach new heights. Just maintain a sense of humility if others praise you too often. There may also be some family and domestic issues or situations that need your attention. Your leadership abilities can help improve these areas this month. 


You may feel more compelled to be behind the scenes and express creative or recreational outlets on your own through the 15th. During the second half of the month, you come into your own element and can accomplish many things. You may be lacking clarity in your relationships. After the 19th, the fog begins to lift. 


You may be continuing to juggle many balls in all areas of your life. Work- or career-related responsibilities are in focus through the 11th of the month. From August 12th, the tone begins to shift. Your fun-loving and playful side can come out more. There are likely to be some new opportunities that come to fruition around the 18th. 


You are driven to accomplish goals and make the best use of resources. You can improve your emotional wellbeing or resolve internal issues through the 7th. It is important to be more adaptable with career matters or make some adjustments with some of your goals. Rigidity in your communications with others can get you nowhere. 


Destinations far away may be calling your name. Your desire to travel, explore, and take new risks is in play. This is also a good month for mental expansion and learning new things. Through the first week of August, more time alone can be fruitful towards helping attain more internal balance and emotional well being. 


You can make much progress towards the attainment of your goals. There is support through your network of friends or associates if you seek it. Personal relationships can deepen on an emotional level though the 11th. More opportunities open up in the financial area during the second half of the month. 


Significant others and partners are highlighted positively this month but may also require more of your attention. A balance needs to be reached between fun time with others and your drive for success in your career. Avoid conflicts with authority figures. A new financial opportunity looks good around the 25th. 


You can find happiness and attract more love on a romantic level through the 11th. Current personal relationship can deepen on an emotional level. After the 11th, there is increased activity happening for you on daily basis. You seek to integrate more of your creativity in your work or could become more involved with children.