Marcela C. Rodriguez ESQ Introducing Professional Assistance to Immigration Law Cases


Marcela C. Rodriguez ESQ gives immigration law assistance to help individuals. The law firm comes with various immigration services in Hollywood to ensure that their clients will get the guidance that most suits their needs.

Marcela C. Rodriguez is a designated Certified Specialist in Immigration Law, a licensed lawyer in Hollywood with over 10 years of experience.

Marcela’s expertise is to take on complex and legally difficult cases to seek approvals for suitable applicants, ensuring reunification of families in the USA and regularizing the status of vulnerable persons through systematic and rigorous file preparation processes.

Marcela’s desire for immigration and assisting others comes from her childhood in an immigrant Armenian family along with her international work knowledge.

“Immigration” is to enter the region to stay and work there. How to qualify? What information have to give? How to get ready for interviews? These, and many other questions, can arise while the paperwork is required.

The team of Hollywood Immigration Lawyer at Marcela C. Rodriguez ESQ Immigration Law assists persons, families, small enterprises, and big companies in finding useful solutions to several different immigration legal challenges. United States immigration law can be a complicated and difficult topic, and the difficulties of navigating the system are complicated by the significant bureaucratic paperwork involved in dealing with the State Department, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

For their clients, they provide a devoted service to assist investors, business owners, tech start-ups and families moving to the USA, guidance on the best remedy and offering a high-level service to help their clients move, get permanent residence and US Citizenship.

They provide in-depth immigration services and solutions including:

American citizenship: Citizenship can be acquired in different ways: By birth in the United States, by birth outside the United States when one or both parents are American Citizens, and by naturalization after having acquired permanent residence in the United States. Non-Immigrant Visas: Non-immigrant visas are granted only for a temporary stay. Since these Visas are temporary, their improvement is not subject to restricted quotas. Immigrant Visas (Employment Based): Every year the United States welcomes thousands of workers in multiple occupations or categories of employment. Immigrant Visas (Family Petition): Many people obtain their permanent residence (better known as a Green Card) through a family petition.

Marcela C. Rodriguez ESQ has lots of happy clients in Hollywood. One of the satisfied clients shared his thoughts about the immigration law assistance provided by the Marcela C. Rodriguez team, “Marcela provides expert assistance on my green card processing. She is very experienced and familiar with the field. From the first discussion, she properly predicted what to prepare for with my case. Her skills assured me to continue with the firm, soon after I discussed it with her.

She also helps me throughout the interview procedure and suggests the procedure followed. She is very helpful and manages the process perfectly. She pleased me not merely with the professionalism, but also with the skill of communication as an excellent lawyer.” – Danial S.

Marcela’s team are well-known professionals in dealing with difficult USA immigration challenges. They work closely with their tax, private client, real estate, business, job and family teams who can suggest all related issues of moving to and living in the USA.

Remember they will continue to offer face-to-face discussions for clients who like face-to-face office visits.

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