‘Other Republican in Malibu’ needs to rethink argument


Mr. Newman’s letter of Sept. 16 requires comment. As the self-proclaimed “other Republican in Malibu,” he should study the facts in the voter registration records, which will show him that Democrats barely outnumber Republicans. He clearly has only contempt for the poor, dismissing a huge (and growing) segment of our population, even though the poor create many jobs through their meager purchases of food, clothing and numerous goods and services. The poor also provide a large share of our armed forces. As for Michael Moore’s critique of George W. Bush, the galling thing to Republicans is that Moore’s facts are just that-facts. All of his claims are well supported from sources other than Moore. Your only argument is with his interpretation. As for the economy, Bush has tried to stimulate the economy not only with gigantic deficit spending, but also with a trillion dollars of pump priming and we’re still on shaky ground. And last, I have the largest Kerry sign in Malibu on my car’s back window and I know those numerous “birds” given me are not coming from Democrats.

Ralph Erickson