[Updated:] Missing Malibu Dog Found

Abu went missing from his home in Latigo Canyon on Jan. 8.

[Update, 3 p.m., Monday] Abu is home safely after being away for five days. 

The small Jack Russell Terrier was dropped off at the Chatsworh Animal Shelter on Saturday, according to his owner Katherine Strange.

Katherine’s husband Michael Strange picked up Abu on Monday morning.

A local couple is desperate to find their dog Abu, a Jack Russell Terrier that went missing on Wed., Jan. 8 in the Latigo Canyon Area.

Abu apparently managed to escape a fenced area at his owners’ home in the lower part of Latigo Canyon. The 21-pound pet was not wearing a collar and is not microchipped.

“He’s never done anything like this,” said Katherine Strange, one of his owners.

Anyone who spots Abu is asked to pick him and up call Katherine and Michael Strange at 310.457.0789 or 323.620.3877. The couple is offering a reward for his return.

“He’s a super social dog. He loves other pets and he loves other people,” Katherine Strange said.