Malibu Seen: This Year’s Christmas Releases

Goldie Hawn (left) and Kurt Russell star in “Christmas Chronicles 2,” one of Netflix’s 2020 holiday offerings.

HAVE A HOLLY DOLLY XMAS Everybody’s favorite cowgirl, Ms. Dolly Parton, has a brand-new Christmas album and a holiday musical so bring out the snow and mistletoe.

UNSOLVED CASES For documentary lovers, it’s “The Mystery of D.B. Cooper.” Copper was a shadowy figure who sky jumped out of an airplane with wads of cash. He was never found and his story continues to this day. “The Mystery of D.B. Cooper” has been airing on HBO.

 I LOVE A PARADE The 94th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Celebration got off to a fresh—and virtual—start. Without any spectators, it was a holiday parade like no other.

 LOVE BIRDS AT THE POLE Two longtime locals have joined together again this Christmas for “Christmas Chronicles 2,” a sequel to the popular 2018 Netflix movie. We venture up to the snowy north where we find ourselves in Santa’s workshop. That’s where we get a peek at Old Saint Nick (Kurt Russell) and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn), whose career took her from skimpy bikini flower power dancer in “Laugh In” to heavy winter wear at the pole. B-r-r-r! 

A HOLIDAY TRIP This year, the festive musical “Jingle Jangle” has been released to great acclaim. It was directed by David E. Talbert. One critic said, “The Netflix movie stands to join the ranks of holiday film classics.”

DON’T WORRY, GET HULU  “Hulu’s Happiest Season” is another good one to check out. It stands out for its high wattage pedigrees. The flick was directed and co-written by Clea DuVall. There is also Disney’s “Godmothered,” directed by Sharon Maguire.

There are obvious reasons for audiences to be hooked on holiday fare. Christmas rolls around every year and the perennial holiday boom gives a sense of nostalgia—simpler times. If there is a theme running through some of these pictures, it is about redemption and people discovering their best selves.

So, enjoy a little X-mas magic this year. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!