Agencies Monitoring Leo Carrillo Beach After Boat Wreck

Leo Carrillo State Park (2013)

Multiple agencies were monitoring the shoreline from Leo Carrillo State Beach to the area of Sycamore Cove on Friday after a boat was wrecked in the area Thursday morning, Sept. 19.

Concern was raised over the possibility of hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel possibly leaking from the boat’s tank and washing up on shore of the state beach but, as of 2:45 p.m. on Friday, California State Parks Angeles District Acting Deputy Superintendent Jerry West confirmed there were no reports of diesel fuel anywhere on shore.

“[The vessel’s tank was] capable of carrying approximately 300 gallons of diesel fuel; we don’t know how many gallons it had aboard,” West described in a phone interview with The Malibu Times Friday. West reported California State Parks was working with assistance from the US Coast Guard, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the US Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor the situation. Lifeguards were also aware of the potential for contamination and were, West said, “making people aware” of the potential for diesel fuel reaching the beach. There were no advisories as of the time West spoke to The Malibu Times. 

“We haven’t seen any sheen on the beach,” West reported.

The boat was wrecked Thursday morning—preliminary reports, according to State Parks Supervising Ranger Lindsey Templeton, said the boat struck Harrison’s Reef. All passengers aboard were rescued by lifeguards with no reported injuries.

West said efforts to remove remains of the vessel were on pause, but expected to resume Saturday.

“Salvage efforts were aborted today,” West described, saying the agencies were “looking for larger vessels, possibly with a crane, to expedite cleanup.”