Young environmentalists

Students plant trees at the WOA Kids4 Trees Event at Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School.

The Kids4Trees Program last week in Malibu launched its spring 2010 planting event schedule for youth ages six through 12 throughout the United States.

Approximately 300 children at Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School were divided into three workshops, including sessions with California Olympians speaking about the importance of sport and the environment, followed by an interactive lesson about the vital importance of trees and learning to plant them properly. The primary goal of the program is to create young stewards of the forest by educating and empowering elementary school students to be an active part of the solution to environmental concerns in their communities.

The next tree plantings scheduled for Southern California will include Los Padres National Forest on April 9-10 and Juan Cabrillo Elementary school on April 16. All plantings will include education about trees, biodiversity, water and animals, together with Tree Kits, multilingual tree songs from the Kids4Trees CD, art, and children’s singers. The 2010 Spring Schedule will involve approximately 15,000 students and Scouts, and more than 30,000 trees to be planted by the youths as part of the Kids4Trees program, the participation of the Olympians, Forest Service personnel and local volunteer organizations.

Now in planning for the 2011 United Nations Year of the Forests is a WOA/Kids4Trees program, which will circle the globe throughout the year.